Light of the Cross Lutheran Church
          August 2020
Beginning on August 1, the church will be open for groups of under 20 participants.  Certain protocols must be observed in order for groups to gather safely.  Pleasereview the policy included below to ensure that your group can meet safely and is able comply with the policy.  If you and your group are planning to meet, please coordinate this with Pastor Juli to ensure that the church will be open.
LOC Preparedness Policy
For Small Groups (under 20 participants)
Beginning August 1, 2020
During this period when we are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and our church remains closed for large group gatherings, we are presenting the following guidelines for the use of our building for church activities for groups of under 20 participants.  The church remains closed to any outside groups at this time.
If you are sick with anything that could be transmitted to others (colds, flu, covid-19, etc.), please stay home.
1.  Groups may use either the fellowship hall or the sanctuary.  We discourage the use of both rooms by any single group.  Choose the room which will best fit your needs.  The Fellowship Hall is set up with only two chairs at each table to maintain physical distancing requirements.  Distancing requirements would also apply to the Sanctuary. 
2.  It is the requirement inside the building that masks are worn.
3.  Temperatures checks will be required upon entry into the building and must be within a range of 97-100.
4.  No food or beverages will be allowed – either prepared on-site or brought in.
5.  Bathroom protocols must be observed as posted:
  • one occupant in the bathroom at a time
  • utilize hand sanitizer before using bathroom
  • wash hands after using the bathroom
  • wipe down hard surfaces in bathroom with wipes
6.  One person in the group must keep track of attendance in the event that contact tracing needs to be utilized.  Provide the list to Pastor Juli at the conclusion of your meeting. 
7.  At the conclusion of the meeting, tables must be wiped down with sanitizing solution.  Janitor will be notified that you have met so that she can follow-up with cleaning.
8.  If you become infected with covid-19, please inform pastor so contact tracing can be utilized to inform and quarantine others. 

from Pastor Juli
            Though many women have sung the song, it belongs to Marilyn Monroe who sang it in the movie, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”  Dripping in diamonds she sang, “a kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  I don’t know about the sentiment, but I do know that the diamond has been highly prized among gemstones and has had a long history of being used in jewelry – especially among royalty.  This gem has not been reserved for the royals, however.  It is equally accessible to non-royals as well. 
            Anyone who has ever shopped for a diamond knows that there are four Cs to choosing a diamond.  Consideration and attention are paid to Caret (size of the diamond), Color (ranging from nearly colorless to every color in the rainbow),
Clarity (which is a measure of the internal flaws or occlusions) and Cut which is the
the manner in which a diamond has been shaped and polished from its beginning form as a rough stone to its final gem proportions. The cut of a diamond describes the quality of workmanship and the angles to which a diamond is cut.
            Diamonds are cut with a multitude of facets in order to reflect the maximum amount of light.  There are different styles of cut (round brilliant, baguette, princess cut), each having distinctive features in the way the facets are cut.  For example, a brilliant cut diamond consists of 57 facets – 33 facets on the top part and 24 facets underneath.  It is these facets that reflect the light and give a brilliance to the diamond.
            We think about facets in other contexts than diamonds, of course.  In this election year, in the middle of a pandemic, with the resurgence of racial tension, with looming decisions about the re-opening of schools, and businesses, I have been keenly aware that there are many facets to every proposal and plan.  Just in thinking about re-opening schools, there have been so many facets to consider – the physical space, the well-being of the students (physically, socially, psychologically, etc.), the well-being of the teachers and administrators, the impact on working parents, the support staff of bus drivers, custodians, cooks, etc.  So many things to consider, so many viewpoints to hear, so many concerns, so many ideas, so many facets.  And what I am learning in this time is how important it is to listen – to observe – to be patient – to be respectful – to be compassionate – to let love be our guide.
            I know that love isn’t always at the top of the list when it comes to confronting the issues about which we have passion or which directly impact us. More often our actions are fueled by anger, or hatred.   But I think, now more than ever, love needs to have a resurgence.  I don’t mean the sugary kind of love that we toss around without thinking – but I mean the tough love, love that requires us to hurt a little.  Maybe it means listening with the heart to those who have faced racism. Maybe it means putting on the shoes of those who wonder how they will pay their rent when they are out of work.  Maybe it means understanding the fear of being a vulnerable adult when there is still so much unknown about this virus.  There are many facets to the problems we face today – and we can deal with them in many ways – I just hope we remember that one of the ways we can cope with the choices before us is with love – and maybe it’s time to let that be at the top of our list again.
Calendar (see calendar page on website for full calendar)
  • Nominating Committee  August 3 at 9:30 (via Zoom)
  • Meeting with Nurses  August 5 at 9:30 (in person at church)
  • Finance Committee August 11 at 9:30 (in person at church
  • Council/Smart Team  August 19 at 9:30 a.m.  (in person at church)
  • Parking Lot Service:  August 2, 16 and 30 at  9 a.m.  (see additional notes within newsletter)
  • Prayer Group and Bible Study:  August 7, 2020 at 9 and 9:30 (available in person AND on Zoom)
Pending for calendar
With the opening of church for small groups under 20, the Men’s Crew and WELCA may
resume in-person gatherings following policy protocols.  (see further details within newsletter).   Please check with your group leader or Pastor Juli for information on when those groups may be meeting.   
Some cancellations to note
  • Garrison Seniors are not currently meeting at the church until further notice.
ZOOM meetings provide LOC Connections
The following Zoom meetings take place each week.   For each event, an invitation is sent out and you are invited to join the meeting.  You can attend via phone, tablet or computer.  If you need help getting connected to Zoom, give Pastor Juli a call.
Sunday worship at 9 a.m. every Sunday  (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays are Parking Lot and Zoom,  2nd and 4th Sundays Zoom only)
“Lutheran Coffee” at 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday (Zoom)  -- No Lutheran Coffee on August 11
Midweek Connection at 12 noon every Wednesday
Friday Prayer Group at 9 a.m. every Friday (held via Zoom and in-person at the church)

We also meet daily at 10 a.m. (not on Zoom) for prayer.  Take a few moments each day to connect through a shared time of prayer.

  • for your generous gifts to the Food Shelf from our Parking Lot gatherings.  We are vital partners in this ministry shared throughout our community.
  • for your continued strong financial support for our congregations!  Your gifts are greatly appreciated.
  • for the lawn mowing crews and garden tenders.
  • Caryle Crandall – for continuing to take care of the bookkeeping responsibilities.
  • Bobbie Germanson & Linda Augustson and money counters who are making sure your offerings “count”. 
  • for all the ways that you are taking care of each other.  Your phone calls, cards, and acts of caring toward each other are vital in this time when we are not able to gather together. 
Enjoy your favorite State Fair foods while transforming lives!
August 6-8  from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Our Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge Brainerd campus will be hosting a socially distanced drive-in, offering you Freedom Fries and many more yummy fair favorites… without any of the crowds! All proceeds will go towards the programming for our Brainerd Campus clients! Bring your family and come hungry!
Our socially distanced drive-in process
    Drive into our parking lot and receive a personal menu
    Follow the signs around our building to place your order and pay. You will receive free popcorn while you wait!
    Pull into your assigned parking spot while our amazing team prepares your order (including the best fries you've ever had)
    Drive away with all of your favorites!
Our Menu
  • Cheese Curds - So fresh, we hope you hear them squeak!
  • Mini donuts - Warm, flaky and sweet!
  • Bill W Cheeseburger - 1/3 lb. All-American Tradition
  • The CHALLENGE Double Burger - 2/3 lb. Monster!
  • No Beer Brat - Amazing Flavor! You won’t be disappointed!
  • Hope Dog - mmm mmm good—huge 1/4 lb. all-beef dog!
  • Serenity Salad - Garden greens, tomato, shredded cheese and croutons
  • Freedom Fries - These really are the BEST fries!
  • Cotton Candy - Perfect on its own, or for dessert!
  • Assorted Beverages
Our Address:  2424 Business 371 Brainerd, MN 56401

A Blast from the Past
Karen Raddatz dropped off an old newsletter (The Visitor) from Immanuel Church in Platte Lake which was dated June 1927.  The following notice appeared in the publication:
“Chicken Supper:  On Friday of this week, June 17th, a chicken supper will be served in the spacious basement of the Platte Lake Church by the ladies of the congregation.  The suppers given in previous years will speak best for this one.  Our good ladies herewith with to extend their cordial invitation to all.  Reserve Friday eve for a little ride to Platte Lake Church.  We will be ready to meet and serve you to the best of our ability.  Friday, June 17th, at 5:30.” 
What a great memory of this long-standing event!  Thanks, Karen!