Light of the Cross Lutheran Church

July 2021
     Ponderings from Pastor Juli
     Recently I had the opportunity to visit an aunt and uncle who had re-located from Wisconsin to an assisted living facility in the area.  My uncle (my
     mother’s brother) will be 89 years old this year and he still has a very good memory and, like my mother, loves to tell stories.  I had brought along a small   
     photo album which contained pictures of his family (my grandparents, my mom and another brother of theirs).  There was even a picture of his
     grandfather (my great grandfather), and a few pictures of extended family as well.  He was thrilled to look at these pictures, and the stories and
     memories flowed easily as he reminisced.  Many of the stories I had heard before because my mom was also a good story-teller and she had a good
     memory for details – but it was wonderful to hear those stories again, this time from his perspective.  I had a lovely time with my uncle as those pictures
     in an album came to life again.
     In a way, we, as disciples have a similar opportunity to share family stories – stories about who we are in light of our relationship as brothers and sisters
     in Christ.  If you think about it, the bible is our “photo album” where we see the faithful witness of our ancestors in the faith, and hear again the stories
     (old and familiar) of Jesus and his earthly ministry.  We hear how he calms the storm on the sea and we can recall not only that story, but how that story
     has taken up a place in our own experiences and lives as well.  When we hear Jesus teaching the disciples, or hear how he heals the sick, or listen to his
     words at the Last Supper, those words come to life...and remind us that we have a story to tell, not just of the biblical experience, but of our own
     connection to that “picture”. 
     Sometimes when we talk about being disciples, the responsibility can seem daunting.  We might think of ourselves as ill-equipped to be disciples.  “I’m
     not a bible scholar,” we say or “I don’t know the right terminology to talk about spiritual things.”  Don’t get hung up by those excuses.  Disciples are just
     story-tellers who see themselves in the pictures of the bible and then tell that story to others. I know I was enthralled by listening to my uncle reminisce
     as other memories came to mind for him as he viewed those familiar pictures. I could see those pictures in new ways as I viewed them through his life,
     and his experience.  That’s what disciples do – tell how God has been active (pictured) in their lives, and allow others to see their own lives in new ways
     through the stories that are shared.
     Sometime this month, dig out an old picture album and look at your family’s history.  Share a story about one of the pictures with someone else and see
     where the conversation goes.  And then…
     Pastor Juli
     Vacation Thank You…
     Thank you to everyone who covered my responsibilities during my vacation.  I appreciated knowing that things were in capable hands – and I really did
     “get away” from worrying about what might happen in my absence.  A special word of thanks to those who covered the office, and made sure the building
     was opened and closed.  Thank you also to Pastor Darrel and Pat Robertson for leading worship while I was away…and a special thank you to Linda  
     Augustson and Bobbie Germanson who had to step into the sound booth while both Tim and I were gone!  I thought of you often while I enjoyed some
     time off – but I didn’t worry about you!  It was time spent appreciating this wonderful community and the care you continue to show me.  I am glad to be
     back to work – refreshed and revived!  Thank you!
     And A Birthday Thank You
     Dear LOC Family – Thank you for “entrusting” me with the beautiful plants as a birthday gift.  You keep putting your faith and hope in my ability to keep plants alive
     and for that I am encouraged and thankful!  You are a blessing to me in so many ways!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.  – Pastor Juli

     Update on Covid Protocols
     As of May 28, restrictions have relaxed regarding the precautions we have been taking during covid.  Things have changed rapidly in the past few weeks
     and we are still making progress to be fully back to normal.  Below are the current guidelines for our congregation.  Keep in mind these guidelines are for
     those who are fully vaccinated

  •   We are open at 100% capacity with no restrictions of physical distancing.
  •   Masks are not required for those fully vaccinated (however a masking suggestion may return in the fall to prevent colds and flu).
  •   Check in at the Welcome Table for attendance purposes.  We are transitioning back to the pew pads, so the check in will probably disappear soon.
  •   Congregational singing will continue and we will add in the liturgy.
  •   Weekly communion will continue to be shared in the pews
  •   Coffee Fellowship before and after church is resuming on July 4
  •   We will continue to follow the guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC.    
  •   Remember, those who have not been vaccinated yet will need to continue to wear masks and we may have some (especially children) who may be among the more vulnerable among us.
     Thank you for your generous giving of time, talents, and tithes:
  •   To the lawn mowers and those tending our beautiful flower gardens.
  •   To The Clifford & Betty Skillings Family Fund of Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing for the grant gift of $556.45. 
  •   To everyone who will be helping out at the Play Days events – it takes a lot of volunteers – and you have responded with gusto!
      (Lots of other activities take place, often without notice.  If you see something that we should acknowledge with a word of gratitude – let me know!)
      Hawkinsons on July 25
     Scheduling summer music has been a little challenging because of the timing of the lifting of the covid bans.  BUT, Duane & Deb Hawkinson WILL join us
     on Sunday, July 25 in our morning worship.  One more “normal” thing to add to our life!  Please mark your calendars now for this special worship
     opportunity.  A free will offering will be gathered as a gift to the Hawkinsons.  Come and enjoy their music and welcome them back!
      Aid for India
     Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Aid for India as they faced extreme and devastating deaths due to covid-19.  The final total along with our
     congregation’s matching funds has not been tallied yet but we wrapped up the giving on June 30.  You can continue to direct gifts to Lutheran Disaster  
     Response or to our missionary, Rev. Chandran Paul Martin through your offering envelope and we will forward that on and give you credit on your giving
     statement.  We’ll let you know when we have the total for the Aid for India appeal.  Your gifts will make a powerful impact, and they also remind us of our
     link to our brothers and sisters around the world who share a common faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. 
      LOC participation in Garrison Play Days
     Garrison Play Days are scheduled for July 16-18.  Light of the Cross will be participating in several ways.  Take a look below for the specifics and join in
     wherever you are able.  Sign up sheets and information are available at the table in Fellowship Hall. 
     Friday, July 16 Donation Drop Off between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.   
            (see additional info below)
     Saturday, July 17
  •   Parade begins at 10:30 – watch for the LOC entry (no walkers needed this year).
  •   Donation Drop Off between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  •   Garage sale/Christmas Sale (see more info below)
  •   Pie & Ice Cream
  •   Bake Sale  (do not price items you are donating for bake sale)
     Sunday, July 18
  •   Tent Service at 10:30 a.m. (location changed to Regan Park)
     The (almost) annual Garage Sale will be held during Garrison Play Days on Saturday, July 17 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. This year there will be a 
     "Christmas Corner" in the Fellowship Hall.  Items that were not sold at the 2019 Christmas Decor Sale have been kept in storage and will be available for 
     sale in conjunction with the Garage Sale.
     The Garage Sale is a great fundraiser for our church. We are seeking donations of gently used items that will  attract shoppers and buyers! We request
     that ALL donated items be in good working order, clean, polished, no stains, rips or tears. A good guideline to follow: if you wouldn't purchase the item in
     the condition it is in, please do not donate it to the garage sale. Enticing items that are clean and in good working condition will attract shoppers and are
     more likely to sell.
     Items need to be priced before they are dropped off. Any large, heavy items and any unsold items that you want returned to you MUST have your name
     included on the item. They can be picked up at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Any unidentified and saleable items will be donated to another area sale.

     ITEMS THAT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED:  Clothing, TVs or PCs, small appliances not in good working order
     DONATION DROP OFF TIMES: Friday, July 16 between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                               
                                                           Saturday, July 17 between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
     ASSISTANCE REQUESTED OF MEN OF LOC:  Moving lawn tractors out of garage and return to garage
                                                                                     Setting up awning outside of garage and take down and store
                                                                                     Set up and take down heavy tables in garage
     (Please note:  set up must be done by 7:30 a.m. and take down starts at 3:00 p.m. THANK YOU!)